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About Lex Antiqua

Lex Antiqua

About Rob...

Rob Camp, manager of Lex Antiqua, has been graduated in 1993 for his master in economics. Above this, he followed many courses in art and antiques. Ongoing research and profound insight in the living world of the old masters, have made Rob to a deep source of knowledge of the world of prints and engravings. As a member of the Ilab, La Chambre Royal des Antiquairs et des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art de Belgique, Clam-BBA, Limant and the Art and Antiques Experts International, his expertise is irrefutable.

About us...

Founded in 2002, and started with just one engraving... But an infinite interest and, most of all, a deep passion, were planted with that first engraving. And throughout the years, an extended an thorough knowledge of everything that is need to be known about prints kept on growing. And so did our collection of engravings, old master prints and maps. Fascination for history and art, in prints and engravings, both are coming together. They learn us how people were living, what kept them busy and often, what were they trying to express in there art ? Things they couldn't say out loud in those days ? Stories of love, stories of hate, beauty of nature, humans life but also death, sometimes horror and fear. Every emotion, every expression a human can imagine, can be found in those prints.

When you buy a print at Lex Antiqua, you get a story for free...

About our store...

We keep our store by our home in Ulbeek, a very small and unknown village in Belgium. But we fell in love with the house, and completely renovated the old farm it once was. So we decided to have our store just there. You can meet us and see our collection there, but also on many fairs in Belgium, France and the Netherlands we participate. Please check our agenda were to find us. Cause of the many fairs we participate, in Ulbeek we only open by appointment.

To all of you, from all of us at Lex Antiqua - Thank you !

Rob Camp
Manager Lex Antiqua