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About our webshop

Our webshop...

Selling on the internet is modern business.

Webshops all over the internet are offering us the world. Looking for just one item results in an large number of webshops fighting for giving us the lowest price.

But the world of prints and engravings works different. We mostly have only one piece of an engraving. Taking it with us to a fair we are participating, means we can not present it on the internet. That is why we don't offer much on our website. We prefer the personal contact. We like to offer our prints in realtime on fairs and share our passion with our clients. So take a look at our agenda and see where to find us.

Are we to far away ? Then please contact us, by mail or by phone, and ask what you are looking for. Some information about a print or an engraver ? Or looking for that one specific engraving ? Do not hesitate and contact us.

We love to share our passion with you.

We love selling the old-fashioned way !